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Piracy, damnation and resistance in academic consumption of publishing. Prometheus , 31 3 , Organizing resistance movements: contribution of the political discourse theory. Abstract: Organizing resistance movements: contribution of the political discourse theory.

The bulk of this paper introduces the main concepts of PDT, discussing how they have been applied to concrete, empirical studies of resistance movements. In recent years, PDT has been increasingly appropriated by OS scholars to problematize and analyze resistances and other forms of social antagonisms within organizational settings, taking the relational and contingent aspects of struggles into consideration.

While the paper supports the idea of a joint articulation of PDT and OS, it raises a number of critical questions of how PDT concepts have been empirically used to explain the organization of resistance movements. The paper sets out a research agenda for how both PDT and OS can together contribute to our understanding of new, emerging organizational forms of resistance movements. BR , 11 2 , BR , 10 3 , Greening Capitalism? Organization Studies , 33 11 , The Sociological Review , 60 2 , The poverty of journal publishing.

Organization , 19 6 , Globalizations , 8 5 , Commentary: Fault lines in climate policy: what role for carbon markets?. Climate Policy , 11 6 , Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space , 43 5 , Business Ethics: a European Review , 20 3 , Boehm S Discourse and Economy: Discourse-analytical perspectives of markets and organizations. Author URL.

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Social Movement Studies , 9 1 , Just doing it: enjoying commodity fetishism with Lacan. Organization , 17 3 , The failure of transition. Journal of Organizational Change Management , 23 6 , Corporate Robespierres, ideologies of management and change. Journal of Organizational Change Management , 22 2 , Infra-political dimensions of resistance to international business: a Neo-Gramscian approach.

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Scandinavian Journal of Management , 24 3 , Marketing the hegemony of development: of pulp fictions and green deserts. Marketing Theory , 8 4 , Organization , 14 6 , Organization Studies , 28 11 , Introduction: Impossibilities of Automobility. Introduction: Impossibilities of automobility.

Critical perspectives on international business , 2 4 , Academia, the G8 and other misfortunes: notes on two journeys. Critical perspectives on international business , 1 4 , An Encounter with Zizek. Introduction to the special book review section. Fetish failures.

Alternatives to green growth? Possibilities and contradictions of self-managed food production. Wind Power Activism: epistemic struggles in the formation of eco-ethical selves at Vattenfall.

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Environment, extractivism and the delusions of nature as capital. The oppressed organize against mega-mining in Famatina, Argentina. Boehm S, Land C The 'Value' of Knowledge. Abstract: The 'Value' of Knowledge. Full text. The common element is that all troposcatter systems function by using the non-homogenous elements present in the lowest level of the atmosphere— such as water vapor, dust, and atmospheric variations— to scatter a small portion of the transmitted energy forward in a predictable manner. A troposcatter system is a point-to-point link that requires a terminal on each end, with each terminal both transmitting and receiving.

Terminals can range in size from a portable transit case system, to a vehicle-mounted system or large fixed installation.

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The antenna s at each terminal are aimed at a fixed point in the troposphere, generally slightly above the horizon. The Common Volume is where this predictable scattering phenomena occurs.

Due to the nature of troposcatter propagation, only a tiny portion of the energy is scattered forward in a usable manner. The vast majority of energy passes on into space and is lost, and a small amount of non-useable scatter energy is lost as it disperses in other directions.

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A troposcatter system uses the remaining energy to create a stable and secure data link. When paired with a C-Band troposcatter antenna, the system provides a complete troposcatter communications solution in a rapidly deployable package. The modular design allows users to take a building block approach to deployment, only utilizing the cases needed for a specific mission objective, with the ability to increase the power of the systems as those requirements change.