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Essays with good structure that depends on a list in the thesis statement and topic sentences that correspond to the list items may have boring topic sentences if you don't make an effort to make those topic sentences interesting in some way. Add some strange or unexpected details to those topic sentences..

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I reccomend you change up the transitions between paragraphs. Also, as mustafa said, I think you can blend the points together more, and have a stronger argument.

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As of now they sort of.. For example, Students who attend regularly classes have better opportunity to understand the courses what are done in class, while students who do not attend classes will not understand.

Mandatory Attendance Policies

Also, because students who attend regularly the classes understand the courses, they have a better chance to have good grades during test. On the contrary, students who do not attend classes, and do not understand the courses; they get bad grades during test. Indeed, college attendance should be mandatory to help all the students understand the courses.

Another reason why college attendance should be mandatory is it build relationships. College attendance build relation between students and students.

From a Student’s View: Fair Attendence Policies | Center for Teaching | Vanderbilt University

In college, there is many ways to meet friends that you can count on in the future such as joining a club, or in class. Students who do not attend college classes will not have these opportunities. College also build relation between students and teachers. Students who attend classes have the opportunity to know their teachers.

On the other hand, students who do not attend school will be stuck with his lacks. Opponents believe that mandatory attendance policies does not go under life lesson categories. If students do not show up at the classes, they register that will not affect them in the real world.

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However, I believe it does go under life lesson categories. If students get into the habit of not showing at classes, they register that will affect them in the real world.

Attendance Policy

For example, if you do not show at work, you will be fired. College attendance should be mandatory to avoid that habit. Nowadays, many students are skipping classes. In my opinion, college attendance should be mandatory. Attendance Requirement in College. Accessed October 18, This is just a sample. You can get your custom paper from our expert writers. Learning strategies determine the approach for achieving the learning objectives and are included in the pre-instructional activities, information presentation, learner activities, testing, and follow-through.

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Due to the Discursive Essay It is argued nowadays on whether teenagers, who go to school, should be wearing a uniform. There are many advantages but also some disadvantages, such as : All the students wearing the same uniform , which can take the stress off looking better than other students as they are wearing similar attire, and Multicultural Education What is it?

The primary distinction between internal and external assessment are the teachers.

Teachers are expected to use classroom assessment as part of the job. There are a variety of ways teachers assess students in order to monitor progress, to grade performance and to modify instruction. But the manner in which teachers choose to assess students has If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less.

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