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Looking for free blood brothers bio, arthur weasley are no long after the end - saga. All rights of example of a. S opening. Credit fox star studios fighter, and the seventh day, tickets football - the stage; source. Eddie is one of the main characters in the play. He gets separated at birth from his blood brother Mickey due to circumstances such as Mrs Johnston not being able to look after to children and Mrs Lyons needing a child.

Eddie had good background due to the amount of money Mrs Lyons had to give. Mickey and Eddie became friends because they lived on the same street this made concern and panic to Mrs Johnston and Mrs Lyons because they did not want them to find out they were in fact blood brothers. When they became friends Eddie got moved away as they got older they met and this resulted in them both dying. In conclusion Eddie is a very influenced character due to Mickey influencing him when they first started being friends.

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Before he got influenced to the reader his character seemed innocent due to his background in contrast to his twin brother, Mickey who came across as not having a bad background due to his behaviour. Eddie is involved in the main plot through out the play and is one of the main characters.

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Love in the play Blood Brothers is one of the main themes because it interlocks all of the characters. In the play love is what brings the characters together but also what drives them apart. Everyone in Blood Brothers is connected with love and other characters in the play through love. So when she gives one of them away to Mrs Lyons she is doing that in an act of love to make both of their lives better. With one twin going to Mrs Lyons He can be loved and get what he wants, and also Giving the one baby away means Mrs Johnstone can care for Mickey more.

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Mrs Johnstone shows her hidden love for him. Though this is one of the major parts of the play as later on in the play Linda and Mickey end up getting married. And this also is one of the reasons that result in the death of Eddie and Mickey.

At the age of 18 Eddie shows his affection towards Linda even though she loves Mickey and Mickey loves her. In this play all the love is hidden for each character apart from Linda for Mickey. All of the love shown by the characters results in the death of Eddie and Mickey.

When Mickey finds out about this gets angry and takes a gun to look for Eddie. Mrs Johnstones secret love for Eddie being her son, this love is the main theme in the play and creates the whole story and when that love becomes publicised it events in the death of Mickey and Eddie. Linda is a main character in the play she is not one of the twins but she has a relationship with Mickey and starts a relationship with Eddie before the twins die.

Mickey is the twin brother who is brought up in the rougher area of Liverpool. Through the play you see Mickey change in character, beginning with the childish 7 nearly 8 boy who acts older then he is, but shows his true age through his idolism of his older brother. We can compare this dramatically with how he ends up at the end of the play and see how having no money can cause you to become depressed.

The scene where Mickey meets Eddie is an important one as it shows the contrast of one of the main themes rich and poor, " Round mine if y'ask for a sweet y' have to ask about, about twenty million times an'y' know what? When Mickey and Eddie become blood brothers because it shows he's childish at and needs a friend at his side " do you wanna be my blood brother, eddie?

The scene after Eddie left shows how lost he is without his friend as he goes to eddies house but is sent away, it goes into best friend song, "long long long Sunday afternoon".

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To conclude the major parts in the play all show different reactions and personalities of Mickey which are brought on from the influence of his background. Superstition plays a large role in the play Blood brothers. The play is based on two brothers who were separated at birth. The superstition behind it is that if they find out that they are brothers then they shall die on the same day.

Overall I feel that superstition plays an extremely large roll within the play and without it the play would simply not work. Later on in the play Sammy burns down the school and also gets in trouble with the police and convinces Mickey to help him with something witch leads up to both of them going to jail. This concludes that at the start Sammy seem that he is a good boy but then later on most off the bad stuff that happens though out the play is what he does and has always something to do with him.

Mrs Johnstone is a busy, hardworking mother with many children.

Mrs Lyons contrasts a lot with Mrs Johnstone as she has a relaxed life, her housework is done for her and she has a large house.