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Two outstanding teachers who touched my life will now touch the lives of my children. Children remember a few of their teachers, but not all. Children remember the memorable ones. I hope to be a memorable teacher who teaches the children valuable information and being a strong role model for children to look up to. I enjoy volunteering in our community and enjoy helping to make programs better for the children.

Volunteering is great and I will always volunteer to help make programs better for my children. However, volunteers do not get paid.

My Dream Job: Becoming An Elementary School Teacher - Varsity Tutors Scholarship Essay

If I got paid for the hours of service that I provide then I would be rich. People often ask: "How do you to it? Therefore, as I decide on my final career other than full-time mother I know that my passion would be best suited to teach our young developing children. I want to keep my options open but I think my main focus will be teaching children in the elementary school level.

Continue reading this essay Continue reading. Toggle navigation MegaEssays. Saved Essays. Topics in Paper. I have a very strong passion for teaching, and I believe in what Aristotle stated. I had stepped up since the band was going to have a "year off" and had been working for several weeks with a small group of students. I found the venue, rehearsal hall, times, and the arrangements.

Essay on My Ambition to become a Teacher

The students and myself had put in long hours and the day had come to perform in front of the community. As I stepped up, I saw the nervous faces that I taught and smiled, turned around. A good teacher has the ability to look past oneself and reach each student. Breaking the cultural standard that each individual has to fend for their own. Keeping students accountability to standards that they set for themselves and to achieve even greater expectations 2. The influence the world outside of individual lives can determine how a day will go for someone.

As a child growing up, we did not have. I remember my kindergarten year vividly, I cried every day until March 18th!

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Yes, you read that correctly, March 18th! My teacher would make me sit in the closet while I was crying so I would not disturb the other students, sure she would check on me periodically, but when she asked if I was done crying, I would start. This class stretches you to go completely out of your comfort zone to truly see what teaching is going to be like.

The methods and strategies that we have discussed in this class have given me a different perspective on teaching and the education system in the United States. When I was in the seventh grade I had an English teacher who was not bad at her job, but she was also not amazing. I do not remember her name as it has been years since she has been my teacher.

The thought of her does bring back memories, though.

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English was my favorite subject, so I really enjoyed that class. My memories had nothing to do with the class, however. Often times I found myself in that class thinking about all of the ways that I could improve it. Instead of calling names by my choice. I am always learning new things and re-evaluating previous assumptions, so I do not have a fixed philosophy, and perhaps never will.

Although I do not adhere to a static or fixed philosophy, there are a few important ideas that I hold to be true. The strongest part of my teaching philosophy is seeing the teacher as one small. What do you want to be when you grow up? This question has been asked to everyone, numerous times.

When we were little and excited to grow up, and when we are older.

Why I want to be a science teacher.

Although, when we grew older, the question changed from what do you want to be when you grow up to, what are you going to major in. At the age of five I would 've exclaimed, "a teacher", to my mother as she set up my new easel. As the pre teen age set in, I would start to call my aspire of a teacher to a Resource Teacher or Special Education. In the tradition type of education, however, the teacher stores the information the student listens. The goal of banking education was to immobilize the student within the existing structure, conditioning them into memorize the materials.

I felt the ability to overcome the fear of memorize lessons. Freire concept of education, he conveys the student do not think for themselves. I feel a student should have the initiative to ask questions. Even though the Nolan family is constantly fighting the struggles, there is only one answer to their problems and it is education. Francie is encouraged by many people to keep learning because education is the key to helping her grow and to obtain more knowledge to help her survive. Over the many years I have attended school, I have noticed that being a teacher is a profession that I have always wanted to be a part of because of the direct influence they have on the future and current generations.

As a student, my past teachers created goals for me and established what they wanted me to accomplish for them and for my generation. These goals that were once created for me have affected the goals I will one day create for my students. There have been many influences for me to. I had the privilege of interviewing a first year teacher at my son 's school. James is a first year pre-kindergarten teacher at White Bluff Elementary School. She was one of the teachers assigned to welcoming the kids to school every morning; that was how I got to meet her.

She enjoys teaching the pre-kindergarten because she wants to put a lasting imprints on the educational sojourn of the kids as their first ever teachers apart from their parents or guardians, furthermore, she cannot resist. As a special education teacher, my philosophy in education is to challenge students to grow as individuals. Allowing them to see what they are capable of doing regardless of their challenges.

I want students to have confidence in learning, because they recognized the opportunities education has for their future and personal growth. Every student with or without disabilities has the right to an education system that challenges them to learn, and does not give up on them when student face with an obstacle. Teach me and I remember. From the beginning of my education courses, I was able to see the importance of being involved in education.

As a teacher it is important to get to know your students in order to help them to reach their full potential. The program has given me the tools and advice to become a successful teacher, now it 's my turn to use them in the classroom. I could go into student teaching today knowing that I am able to. I have been very fortunate to grow up in a very loving and supportive home. My parents have always told me that I should never try to get a job just because it pays well, that instead I should pursue a career in something I love.

From a very young age I have had a passion and a love for children and teaching. Becoming a teacher is a career path I came across while working for the Realizing Amazing Potential R. In my undergraduate program I always knew I wanted to working with children, but it was a challenge for me to choose one career path I felt my work would make a difference.

The defining moment for my career was the passion I found working with special need students, and the hard work to help them succeed academically. Being part of the education growth for. This can be a difficult question for most students to answer because most of them are still teenagers and have just left high school. There are many assessments one can take in order to help with the process of choosing a major or a career.

After taking all five assessments on FOCUS2, I noticed that education came up a lot and have chosen to research about being a Middle School math teacher. When I took the work interest. Becoming a Teacher The reason I want to teach is because of the essential and noble profession. Next to parents, teachers are the most important foundational element in our society. Being a teacher would show me the value, knowledge, and character to be a figure for children to look up to.

The important thing is the proper preparation and the fundamental to living a full and rewarding life. A teacher is defined as someone who gives instruction and communicates skills. Teachers enhance the lives. But principals can also have a say on the type of discipline the teachers can use. I was interesting in reading more about what roles principals play when it comes to behavior management. I have seen over the past three years how behavior issues have changed at our school, and a lot of it has to do with our changes in principals.

All teachers can agree behavior management is one of the hardest parts of their daily work.

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  • Also, most teachers can say they. When I was younger, I wanted to be a teacher, but then it started changing as I grew older from a singer to a pharmacist and now back to a teacher. Throughout high school, most of my volunteer work dealt with teaching children how to swim or being a Sunday school teacher. While looking at my volunteer work on my college application, I realized that. I have found that people don 't like new experiences because they feel that they don 't have control of their life, there is excessive uncertainty, or concerns about their competence.

    In other words they feel like they will fail or be a failure. New situations may be stressful or overwhelming. They may make their whole body feel paralyzed, their hands clam up, put a lump in their throat, and make them feel like their heart is pounding so hard. These children are vulnerable to the world around them so it is important to teach to the needs of all students in order for them to be successful.

    The middle school is comprised of sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. Teachers in the middle school should have a shared vision for their students and collaborate to ensure that they are meeting the needs of their students. They also have. In kindergarten, I can remember in my homeroom class every student was assigned to draw what we wanted to be when we was all grown up. Our drawings were hung.

    Individuals have many different motives to why they want to become teachers. I have known my whole life I have wanted to teach for many reasons. I have chosen this career because I love being around children, I want to be able to affect their lives in a positive way, I like the environment of a school setting, and I am able to spend time with my family while doing what I love. My favorite thing I ever did in high school. I have learned a lot from this Cultural Diversity Class.

    This class have made me think deeper and have a better understanding of a diverse classroom and how this country is going to keep being diverse and grow every year.

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    As I was taking the class I was discovering myself learning new ways on how to treat or understand people from other countries. I still remember how the journey of reading this book started. When you assigned this book to read it I honestly thought it was going to be a boring book. I want to become a teacher because I feel every child deserves a quality education.

    Building community within our classrooms helps each student feel valued. I want to touch the lives of others in the great ways that mine has been touched through exceptional educators. I want to become a teacher in order to better Horry County schools. Growing up in this area I have seen.

    As an 18 year old coming into college, I was faced with many decisions that would determine my future, and one of them being that I needed to choose a career path. Coming to college students must adjust their entire lifestyle and habits, including living with someone, harder classes, and being on their own. But, one of the most important questions that students are asked is what you want to major in or what they want to do after college.

    This can be a difficult question for most students to answer. Learned helplessness is the behavior that an individual displays when they feel a sense of discouragement, which causes them to withdraw themselves from situations. They disengage due to the belief that they have no control over the outcome due to multiple failed attempts. This behavior is learned after repeated negative results of their actions and enables the individual to feel that no matter what they do, the conclusion will still be the same. Children can experience learned helplessness in a.

    I truly believe many underestimate the power that the teacher has in their classroom. As the saying goes for mothers, the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, I believe such is so with an educational teacher. As soon as we enter into the world, we learn. We might not start with physics and psychological reasoning , but we take "baby steps" toward that path. Once a child is put underneath the care of a teacher, the teacher must realize the influence they have in their student 's life.

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