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Van Niekerk, Kirstin Problem statement — The strategic roles and responsibilities of professional middle managers at a South African university are not aligned with the accountability and authority required while strategising to effect Jaffer, Faeeza Farouk Ncube, Smangaliso Workplace wellness, organisational commitment and retention play a phenomenal role in organisations.

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Insurance companies form part of the organisations affected by retention of employees. Employees need to be physically, Makola, Zamandlovu Sizile Naude, Rodney Trevor The South African wine industry is a significant contributor to the South African economy.

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However the wine producers are facing financial and operational challenges as they operate and compete in a highly traded local and Getahun Mekonnen Belay The issue of successful implementation of strategic organizational change is not sufficiently addressed in the literature of organizational change even though there is unanimity in reporting a high rate of failure. Huni, Sally The aim of this study was to assess the feasibility of constructing optimal portfolios using the Johannesburg Securities Exchange tradable sector indices.

Three indices were employed, namely Financials, Industrials and Morkel, Annelize Purpose: The strategy-to-performance gap is a contemporary problem that causes organisations to perform less than optimal or fail. Leadership, strategy and performance are complex areas of research on the topic with lack Beach Club.

Canteens and Cafeterias. Banks and ATMs. Post Office.

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Social and Cultural Activities. Spring Festival. Orientation Days. International Summer School.

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    Apply Online. It is one of the best topics of dissertation due to its unique nature and the significance in the future world. This particular title has a lot of significance in the marketing world, and it changes the attitude of the consumer as well. For instance, it makes the market more competitive and provides ease to the customer. The dimension of digital marketing is as follows. As discussed earlier, bank is the main body for financial dealing in a country. It is a main source of economic upbringing of the country.

    This thesis topic is suitable for the students doing specialization in banking field.

    The customer of nowadays is very much aware of the market and competition. By keeping in mind, the modern era organizations move towards the relationship marketing instead of just selling a product. The relationship marketing is the process of creating a long term relationship with the customer and count it as a business partner.

    This act of organization creates a positive impact on consumer behavior.

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    The supply chain includes all the process from the origin of the product to the consumption of the product. The green supply chain includes all the supply chain activities which are environmentally friendly and practice the green purchasing in cooperation with the supplier. The organizational performance is split up into three other dimensions which are, financial performance, non-financial performance and operational performance as well. Advertising the behavior of the society and an unethical promotional technique create a negative impact on consumer and society.

    Moreover, the promotional campaigns goes viral quickly due to the technological advancement and use of unsuitable characters damages the social system and more specifically, on the young generation of the society. Humans are the main source of company wellbeing. No company can grow or prosper without this important resource.

    Skilled labor can make a company standout from others. Students with the interest in HRM can choose this thesis topic. Strategy is the long term course of action designed to achieve a goal. Moreover, the useful marketing and business strategy plays a vital role in brand success such as differentiation strategy and pricing strategies etc. The strategic planning includes the well- defined mission, vision, external environment analysis and internal analysis.

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    5. The external environment comprises of political conditions, social, conditions, economic conditions and technological conditions. On the contrary, the internal environment includes the employees, working environment.

      The analysis of both internal and external factors can be done through SWOT matrix. Moreover, the major role of strategic marketing Planning is to develop a smooth marketing plan to achieve a certain objectives. The dimensions of strategic Marketing planning is as follows. The current business world is highly competitive in nature and companies use creative tools of promotion to engage the customers.