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After that you should seek books relevant to the topic in a university or community library. Do not be overwhelmed by the size of the library. There is always someone to help you find what you are looking for.

How to Write a Research Paper Introduction

Finally, there are of course World Wide Web or Electronic resources. Be careful with this source, not all information on the Internet is trustworthy and valuable.

There is more than one way to approach your work. Most frequently students opt for a chronological approach, yet they do not realize that this approach is most likely to become monotonous and simple enumeration list. In addition, chronologies lower the possibility for analysis. Rather than chronologically, try organizing your work in a more analytic manner, base your construct on a set of factors and variables. Introduction — briefly inform the reader 1 what you are writing about 2 what you hope to find out and 3 how you will proceed in order to do so.

It is of a crucial importance to finish the introduction part with the statement of thesis. Main body — It should be organized in a logical and coherent way. Use linking words to go smoothly from one idea to another. Include all relevant information; do not presume that reader has any knowledge about the topic.

Using Reference Software to Writing a Winning Term Paper

This can be one chapter or two based on the requirements. The results and discussions are the chapters where you provide and discuss the results from the research, as well as prove or disprove your hypotheses. The recommendations chapter contains the views and suggestions of the writer regarding future research on the same or related topics. The final part of any term paper is the bibliography.

College Life and Writing Tips

This is an essential piece of any research paper and you have to be very careful while creating it. Make sure to list all your sources in an organized way, an alphabetic order, and with the formatting requested by your professor. That's it! This is the term paper structure every student in the world follows, so it cannot be that hard.

Just go through this list and make a great term paper at the end of the semester.


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Standard Structure of the Term Paper Term papers are basically research papers that you submit at the end of your term. If you follow these steps, you cannot go wrong: 1. Title Page The title page is the very first page of the term paper. Moulton and Holmes write that during the years from to "American education was transformed as writing became a method of discourse and research the hallmark of learning. Russell writes that in the s, "the research paper began to harden into its familiar form" adding that plagiarism and the sale of research papers both became a problem during this time.

In the present day an entire industry has sprung up to provide plagiarized, pre-written or custom written term papers for students of varying levels of education. There are many websites that sell term papers of all levels of quality and writing proficiency, but submission of a purchased paper would be considered a serious breach the submitting student's academic integrity by any reputable academic institution.

When quoting another author's work, place quotation marks around the words or sentence that you take from that work, and use a footnote, end-note, or in-line citation to give credit to the original source. Merely changing a few words is not the same as true summarizing, and use of such a minorly-modified passage is still considered plagiarism unless a citation gives credit to the source. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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