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Here are a few. Race continues to influence how people of African descent in the United States are treated by law enforcement. Acknowledgement of the role implicit and overt biases have historically played in creating disparate law enforcement practices and the resulting frictions between African Americans and the police is a reality that should be immediately addressed. The assignment of Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian and even African American police officers to police poor, predominantly black neighborhoods who have had little or no social contact with members of this group or specific training in how to effectively interact in such environments is an ongoing recipe for disaster.

Police officers from each of the aforementioned groups sometimes bring negative attitudes and or stereotypes to these communities that can adversely affect their decisions and the fairness of their enforcement actions.

Some police forces in this nation have historically played critical roles in maintaining positional power for whites. This has created a very difficult chasm to overcome when police departments attempt to implement community policing initiatives. Negative minority community perceptions of police in America have a historical basis in fact and should not be ignored by elected officials, the police or the media.

The war on drugs, with its primary focus in black and other minority neighborhoods where stop-and-frisk police protocols routinely subjected hundreds of thousands of innocent minorities to such searches, exacerbated feelings of marginalization and frictions with the police. African Americans across this nation are aware and concerned about the ongoing existence of race-based profiling of this segment of the population by members of some police departments.

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Cooperation with the police is predicated in large part in minority communities on how minorities perceive the fairness of their treatment by the police. Disparate treatment of minorities is counter-productive to the provision of efficient and effective public safety services. Personal prejudices or partiality on the part of police officers that interfere with their professional judgment and is counter to departmental policy and training has no legal place in law enforcement.

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The U. Department of Justice suggests that racial reconciliation is a process through which both criminal justice system practitioners and communities can acknowledge past and present harms and together move beyond them. The willingness of society to honestly examine this issue must be the first step in changing these disparities.

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As indicated in the article, those perceived as immigrants especially from Africa are targeted most. One reason why they are targeted would be to ensure they do not assimilate and rise within the economic echelons Arrighi As the conflict theorists explain, racial discrimination does not serve society.

It basically leads to acrimony and dissatisfaction in society. The actions of police make Arabs and blacks see them as enemies. As a result, the two groups cannot work harmoniously for the good of society. The blacks and Arabs continue seeing whites as oppressors while the whites see the others as unwanted and unworthy competition of sorts.

Such like conflicts have precipitated into xenophobic attacks. However, racial and ethnic discrimination can not conclusively be explained by the conflict perspective. The exploitation and minority is not entirely about them being an economic threat. The findings presented in the article point more towards a labeling perspective or explanation of ethnic and racial discrimination.

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The blacks and Arabs are not discriminated because they are a threat to the economic well being of the whites but rather because they have been labeled as more likely to do criminal acts. The authorities, after following historical data, are convinced of prevalence of crime or given characteristics among a given group.

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This then becomes the label and all members of the group become suspects of sorts. As the study presented in the article indicates, labeling does not help much as it only creates an angry lot. Many black and young Arabs are angry because they feel targeted on the basis of color. The final perspective on racial and ethnic inequality is the interactional view.

Interactional theorists indicate that level of interaction and mode of interaction either fuels or stops racial and ethnic discrimination. As reported by , the contact hypothesis, proffered by interactional theorists posits that racial discrimination is lowered by increased interaction between people of different racial groups that are of relatively equal social or economic status. Interaction with others helps individuals to appreciate that beyond the color difference, human beings are largely the same or similar.

Race or ethnicity is a mere accident.

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As people interact, they are able to challenge their own leaned stereotypes and prejudices leading to acceptance of others. In conclusion, authorities have to look at the issue of racial and ethnic discrimination a little more carefully. If it is not checked, it leads to conflicts that can turn violent as witnessed in Paris in