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Traces of Civil Rights in. Every step of the African-American journey was a small one but it took a great of steps to make any headway. Mama knew this and wanted alter to realize it and be proud of his past so he could be proud of his future.

Dreams help us define people. She fights with alter because she watched her husband work long days. She knows what alter cannot and when he begins to whine she tells him, "e was going backward 'stead of forwards -- talking about killing babies and wishing each other was dead. Calcifying Effects of Racism Othello. Othello has experienced slavery and discrimination from a young age, and although he tries to create the impression that peoples' racist attitudes do not matter to him, the fact that he is so easily swayed to become jealous and angry suggests that such attitudes do have an influence in shaping his mentality.

Could neither graze nor pierce? He works all day in the service to rich individuals…… [Read More]. The s was a time when the last of the generation of slaves were beginning to disappear from communities but their first generation children were attempting to make sense of the lives they led and the cautionary tales they had applied to their lives as a result.

The work shows that for the s African-American family it was a time of remembrance and resolution as well as a time to reflect on change and hope for even greater change in the future, with the inclusion of the fact that defacto segregation and suppression was still occurring in a rampant manner all over their lives.

Secondary Sources Jewell, K. Social Policy. Westport, CT: Praeger. Jewell develops a social history that demonstrates all the many disparities of the African-American vs. Jeffersonian Belief and Fiction Although. Herman Melville's "Bartleby the Scrivener" also uses a heightened situation to illustrate a greater human truth. In realistic terms, Bartleby's refusal to work is absurd, at least to the lengths which the title character carries his impulse to "prefer not" to do anything. Also, the level of bureaucratic intransigence of Bartleby's colleagues also seems ridiculous, as they obsess over their fellow worker's refusal to endorse the practices of their offices by toiling away and useless endeavors.

But Bartleby's tale illustrates the soul-crushing nature of modern life, and the purposeless of much of the paperwork that human beings are forced to plow through, simply to make a living.

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Bartleby wants out of the 'rat race,' and by seeing Bartleby's reaction, and the reaction of others to Bartleby's denial of the value of work and government regulation, the reader is able to see the more muted, but still absurd truths of his…… [Read More]. Gertrude Stein the Gentle Lena the Most. Gertrude Stein, The Gentle Lena The most obvious thing about this story was that nothing really happened. At the start, continually reading about the "patient, gentle, sweet and german" Lena and her "peaceful life" I was expecting there to be some twist to the story, perhaps with Lena snapping and becoming something other than patient, gentle and sweet.

However, this twist did not come, which is probably what makes the story work so well. It is a simple and sad story about a life lived without consequence. Having Lena resolve the situation in some way, would not be true to the story, since any action would mean Lena's life did have some meaning. Overall, it is a story of a woman accepting her life without questioning it. Lena does not appear either content or happy, instead it is more like she is numb. This is emphasized by the fact that…… [Read More]. Strength of Women Explored in. She has a simple dream for her family and it is that they may live in a decent home that sits in a decent neighborhood.

She tries to explain this to alter by indicating that they should always be attempting to move forward and "do something different, push on out and do something bigger" Hansberry. Lena is worn by life.

A Raisin in the Sun (1961 Film) Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

She expresses her frustrations with Ruth but she has a big heart and wants the best for her family L. Domina asserts, "Mama cares for all living things, even those that do not seem to thrive" Domina. This does not always include being on everyone's good side as demonstrated in the issue over the money. The fact the turns out to be right and offers forgiveness to alter demonstrates her strength. Domina adds, "Throughout the play, Mama has been trying to lead alter into the realization of his own dignity,…… [Read More]. Hughes and Holiday Harlem and. The dream can also "crust over" like something sweet, implying the false face that African-Americans must put on to live in America.

A Raisin in the Sun (1961 Film) Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

This contrast between sweetness and reality is even more dramatically depicted in "Strange Fruit," where images of the old, genteel South of Magnolia trees are starkly juxtaposed against the image of a dead, African-American male: "Scent of magnolias, sweet and…… [Read More]. Family vs Society in Sophocles'. Though Antigone is certainly the protagonist of the play, she makes her decision very early in the action -- she chooses to bury her brother despite the civil disobedience and disrespect of the State that it shows. Ismene, on the other hand, wavers between the two duties.

Though Ismene's motives might be somewhat questionable, she is at least claiming a sense of duty and companionship with her sister -- and a desire to honor her brother -- by joining in the guilt of the act against the State. Antigone will not let her, again for reasons that could be put under debate. One possible explanation for Antigone's refusal to let Ismene share the punishment for the act would be her…… [Read More]. Sidney Poitier Is an Artist.

This play, the first by a black playwright to show on Broadway, was a moving reflection of black family life that had great popular appeal Sidney pp. Poitier's performance was such a critical success that he was asked to star in the movie adaptation in Sidney pp. Then, Poitier took on one of the greatest taboos of the time, interracial romantic relationships, in "Patch of Blue," and "Guess ho's Coming to Dinner," thus, by the end of the 's.

Poitier was one of Hollywood's most popular stars Sidney pp. Message of Empowerment in Dream Deferred Dreams. Message of Empowerment in Dream Deferred, Dreams, and Daystar Dream Deferred Harlem by Langston Hughes, Dreams by Nikki Giovanni, and Daystar by Rita Dove are most often categorized as poetry offering insight into the frustration of African-Americans because of societies continuous oppression of their hopes, desires, and dreams.

This is correct, but upon further examination one finds there is a deeper, more universal message among the prose A person's individual capability must be fully developed before embarking on a revolution. Langston Hughes in A Dream Deferred warns of the danger involved when potential is subjugated. The inevitable result of burying potential is a powder keg…… [Read More]. Injustices Based on Racial Discrimination and Gender. Injustices based on racial discrimination and gender bias in a democratic country sounds weird and hard-to-believe. However, what history has witnessed proves what nobody wants to hear or believe.

This analytical research paper addresses grave issues concerning racial discrimination and gender bias pertaining to black vs. Thus, the paper revolves around the popular poem "Mending all" by Robert Frost, addressing the issue of the racial conflict between blacks and whites in America. Poems by Langston Hughes will also be incorporated in the paper to better explain the black experiences before the II and Civil Rights Movement.

The orks Cited appends seven sources in MLA format. Mending alls Among many renowned literary figures that understood the cost that the world is paying for racial prejudices and the rebellious nature…… [Read More]. The poet Langston Hughes once asked if the proverbial "dream deferred" of a young person's thwarted ambition in life "dried up like a raisin in the sun" or "does it explode?

In Chapter 14 of the educational anthology of essays entitled Kaleidoscope, perhaps to suggest the dizzying array of solutions offered to the even more overwhelming amount of problems faced by today's educators, Stanley Eitzen attempts to offer some answers to the poet Hughes' rhetorical question. Eitzen's essay "Problem Students: The Sociocultural Roots" posits the idea that so-called 'problem students,' contrary to much of current educational fashion today, do not simply have problems in school because of…… [Read More].

Race Class and Gender. In the Struggle for Democracy Greenberg, the author explains that gradually, little by little, the Supreme Court of the United States responded to the need to rule segregation unconstitutional. And in the process the Court ruled that any law passed using the criteria of race was also unconstitutional. The Brown v. Board of Education vote in meant that segregation in schools was not constitutional and it was the agency of black activists and advocates that got it done by bringing litigation forward.

Meantime Jones mentions that Eisenhower had a "hands-off" policy regarding enforcing the Brown v. Board of Education; and while that "emboldened" segregationists and racists to resist the Supreme Court ruling, it activated ordinary African-Americans to joined in the Civil Rights Movement of the s. Thanks to the marching feet of tens of thousands of Black Americans - and the boycotts led by people like Rosa Parks…… [Read More]. Evening Mohan Singh Celebrates the Mystery of. Evening," Mohan Singh celebrates the mystery of erotic love. Mohan Singh communicates the themes of life and love using symbolism, diction, and imagery.

There are two "characters" in Singh's "Evening," that of Evening, and that of the horse. The Evening has a female connotation, and the horse has a male connotation, as the horse is described with masculine pronouns like "his," whereas Evening is described with feminine pronouns like "her. Sexual imagery pervades the poem. For example, the first line introduces the horse as "panting" as he "reaches the shores of evening.

Imagery related to moistness continues, as the horse "throws red foam from his mouth," and "his vermillion mane"…… [Read More]. Robert Smith, or Yank, is illustrated as an individual who personifies anything that is deviant in the society: O'Neill portrays him as "broader, fiercer, more truculent, more powerful, and surer of himself than the rest.

They respect his superior strength -- the grudging respect of fear. Then, too, he represents to them a self-expression, the very last word in what they are, their most highly developed individual. Looking into his portrayal in the play, Yank also shows apparent dislike for conformity, deviating from all the…… [Read More].

However other effects have emerged since its implementation.

The Symbolism Of Mama's Plant In Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

Through this cause and effect essay, author sheds light on effects of the NCLB. It has been discussed, how the NCLB has helped to improve education levels as well as how school administrators are facing challenges to meet the standards of this act. According to Gay , "The achievement gaps persist among different ethnic group,…… [Read More]. Because the look on the dead body's face was horrible, and obviously the rope was what was responsible for the death, and also for the horrible look on the corpse's face, with bulging bloodshot eyes and the tongue sticking out.

But Harry went and looked at the body to make sure that he was dead, and then basically Harry told me that this was a crime scene, so we shouldn't disturb any possible evidence. So we didn't take the rope off, and instead we went to talk to the victim's wife. She hadn't moved from the last time we saw her; she was just motionless in her chair. I asked her if she had told anybody about her husband's death, and in a weirdly non-emotional way she said that…… [Read More].

Philosophy of Leisure Philosophy Can. The different tastes in personal pleasure can be seen in the leisure industry as a whole. Some people seek out community service vacations, some seek adventure vacations, and other people simply want a nice, pretty beach and warm sun. All seek, I believe, to become better people, even if only simply through relaxation.

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  8. My standards for happiness and my virtue ethics are less stringent than Aristotle's standards. So long as pleasure does not impinge upon the lives and productivity of native inhabitants, or the pleasures of others, varied quests in the pursuit of leisure are all honorable, from the vacationing volunteer in Dafur to the Disneyland tourist seeking to give memories to a child, and finding pleasure in the child's reactions to new sights and sounds. Issues in Recreation…… [Read More]. Migaine G. Toxicity H. Immune Function Allegy J. Othe Disodes K. Behavio L. Antioxidants M.

    Caffeine N. Dental Caies O. Migaines P. Obesity Seum Cholesteol K. Heat Health Pacemakes and vitamin pills ae just among a few of millions of health poducts that ae sold daily aound the wold. But one of the most easily accessible of all is ight beneath ou noses: chocolate. Cocoa, the plant fom which chocolate is deived, has had a positive effect on today's society because of its active ole in daily health. The development and distibution of cocoa has had a positive effect on today's…… [Read More]. Works Cited Hansberry, Lorraine. A Raisin in the Sun: With Connections.

    Holt, Rinehart and Winston, By the play's end, Beneatha's basic dream of fulfillment is intact. It appears that she might never be a doctor but she is going to Africa with Asagai and will get to experience a new continent, a government and society run by black people, and an adventurous life. Are all the dreams variations of the American Dream, either the American dream defined up through or a new American dream in process of taking shape All the dreams are variations on the American Dream: Lena dreams that her family will be safe, emotionally and physically well, principled and happy, as do many Americans of any race.

    Walter Lee's dream of becoming an important man who makes big business deals seems to be the dream of many American men of any race. Lena's dream of having their own home with plenty of room and sunshine is also desired by many Americans of any race, who want to own their own homes.

    Finally, Beneatha's dream for personal fulfillment, however that may be accomplished, is certainly shared by many Americans of all races. Safety, emotional and physical well-being, high principles, happiness, importance, one's own home and one's personal fulfillment: all facets of the American Dream. That is a great film, which might be why it is still powerful more than half a century after it debuted.

    References: Handsberry, Lorraine. New York, NY: Random house, Works Cited Cather, Willa. My Antonia. New York: Houghton, Mifflin, Glaspell, Susan. New York: Signet, Works Cited Brown, Lloyd W. Hansberry, Lorraine. Raisin in the Sun. Washington, J. School of Education, Indiana State University, Robert Nemerhoff. Random House: New York. Raisin in the Sun the View Full Essay. New York: Samuel French, Inc. Learn History. References Advanced Exemplar for an Untimed Writing.

    The American Dream. Accessed on 24 May, Evans, Tritano. Raisin in the Sun in View Full Essay. Works Cited "A Raisin in the Sun. Ardolino, Frank. Gordon, Michelle.

    Works Cited: Bradford, W. The Piano Lesson: Study Guide. The Little Foxes: Introduction. November 29, Work Cited Hansberry, Lorraine. The Heath Anthology of American Literature. Lauter, Paul, et al. Lexington D. Heath and Company. Okay, what would he say, how would he react, to seeing a Raisin in the Sun, if he were to see it today on Broadway? I can imagine he would enjoy it a lot, but he would probably think to himself, there aren't that many black folks who have to live in squalor like that anymore.

    Thank God, he would say to himself, life has gotten better for most black families. There is now a huge black middle class, he would think, after watching the play, and blacks send their kids to colleges, they buy homes and are able to get mortgages easily , they drive decent cars, they have high speed Internet and digital cable TV and are a lot like all the rest of the middle class. I think that he would think about life for blacks, though, and probably wonder how many people have to live with cockroaches around in families where mom is the head of the household because dad left or he died.

    He would remember the television news coverage of how sheriff Jim Clark behaved in Selma on March 7, That was the day when sheriff Clark, his vicious dogs, and other officers on horseback just went into a crowd of black demonstrators who were peacefully marching to protest no voting rights and other Jim Crow laws in place in Alabama. They beat women, boys, girls, older men, with their nightsticks and the TV showed the whole ugly situation. This was the Selma to Montgomery march let by Rev. Martin Luther King.

    Anyway, I think that this man's memory - of how cruel and brutal life was back in the s when the Civil Rights Movement was just getting some momentum - would lead him to believe that life is a lot better now for blacks. And he would be right, because no sheriff can behave like that and get away with it anymore. But what this Caucasian man in his 50s may not know, after watching a Raisin in the Sun, is that hundreds of thousands of black families struggle every day to survive. The mom may have three or four kids; the boys in the family may be involved in gangs because they don't have a dad in the house; and mom may have two jobs because she only makes the minimum wage and can't buy enough food on just one job.

    There are a lot of people black people and Latinos too who just barely make it from paycheck to paycheck. So don't be fooled, I would say to that man, because even though life is a lot better than it was in , there are still a lot of problems and many black families still struggle.

    Raisin in the Sun if View Full Essay. References Hansberry, Lorraine. Random House, New York, Raisin in the Sun by View Full Essay. New York: Modern Library, Hughes, Langston. References Cooper, David D. Domina, Lynn. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, Faulkner, William. Works Cited Corley Cheryl. March 11, Kodat, Catherine Gunther.

    Spring Dutchman and a Raisin in View Full Essay. New York: Vintage Reprint edition. Jones, LeRoi. New York: Morrow, Works Cited Atkinson, Brooks. The New York Times. Reproduced online by the publisher. Accessed 6 December Last modified January Columbia University. Accessed on 6 December References Context. Reference List Finlayson, R. King, Jr. And Jackson, J.

    Why We Can't Wait. Works Cited Bernstein, Robin. Gale Resource Database. Site Accessed April 23, Vintage, Shakespeare, William. Shakespeare Homepage. McLoyd's work brings to mind the manner in which the s conservative slant echoed the discrimination of the past and present.

    Symbolism (A Raisin In the Sun) by Michelle Lin on Prezi

    The work demonstrates that during the s academic work began to be even more direct with its assassination of the individual as the source of limited progress. In other words the period demonstrates an extreme prejudice, where African-American Families themselves were in short blamed directly for their inability to succeed in the American landscape, regardless of the fact that the social, legal and economic conditions were almost completely against them.

    Itagaki, Lynn M. African-American Review 37, no. Itagaki's work is a literary and social criticism of the works of Chester Himes, an African-American man who moved his family to Los Angels in the late s and through the s and 60s experienced contradictions in the ideal and the actions of those living there.

    The white community rejected and repressed the African-American family with all the same and worse segregation and discrimination when they were attempting to grow and become stronger, many by leaving the south. The message of the work is distinctly responsive to the s as a period of social transition for the African-American families, as they are told one thing and treated in a manner altogether different.

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    Critically thinking about medical ethics. A Raisin in the Sun Thesis Statements and Important Quotes college essays - the strength of the characters in a raisin in the sun.. A Raisin in the Sun Essay Essay - dreams and racism in a raisin in the sun at most times, the american dream resembles an ideological puzzle more than a fully realizable image.