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He swiftly galloped into the mysterious oblivion that was the cave. He squirmed through an entire cave system, with death on his tail, until he was swallowed by the bright light of black.

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For the first time in his life, fear became the his master. The furry skin covered with goosebumps.

Short story coursework

His jaws repeatedly bombarded each other from the sheer cold atmosphere. The lost wanderer regretfully curled up into a ball and rhythmically rocked. Sans was creepily standing behind Boone, the one that donated him hatred. The one he had silently surveilled from the side lines out of pure abhorrence. The one that appeared to be in distress. The battle of the clouds continued.

Writing fiction

He knew what he had to be done. He let destiny rule him once. It led him to crumbles. All his friends and family were maliciously hunted and killed. The dispirited child heard the eye-wall arrive. The thunder booming as fast as his heart this.

He knew this would end soon. He knew this wretched day would seize to exist in his little mind. He would forget about it once he escaped. He heard a mental slash. It sounded like the dagger he had once used. But not any dagger, the precious dagger he used to enslave the innocent heart.

GCSE English Coursework Gothic Prose Stoker's Dracula versus Shelley's Frankenstein

The precious dagger of Papyrus. Thunder crashed outside. Sans gripped his future. He was in a ready stance, but was unwilling to slay the beast he had helped from the beginning. The storm was the loudest it had ever been. Sans sadly knew he would be unable to cunningly craft a moment like this again. With all his hatred he set his arm into a swift motion.

The dramatic roars seized to exist for he was in the eye of the storm. He had finally avenged his fallen brother. He saw a glimpse of satisfaction.

The other side of the eye-wall toppled over the morning cave. He may have lost his hatred on the boy but guilt was what he was feeling. Gothic is suppose to have a hint of horror and you definitely capture that. This is called a five-stage story and can be applied to most stories. Think back to the last book you read - where were the five points to the story? For example, Romeo and Juliet :. What obstacles do the characters face? What is the turning point? How is the story resolved in a believable way? How to structure your writing effectively. I walk.

English Short Story Coursework - GCSE English - Marked by

I walked. Coursework consists of: an essay on a Shakespeare play, a story or narrative, an essay on prose from other cultures and a piece of discursive writing an argument, for example. The course is designed to develop competence and confidence in speaking and listening, reading and writing. This is achieved by encouraging you to play an active part in your learning. To this end there will be a wide range of tutor-led, whole class, small group and individual activities designed to help you improve your writing skills.

You will be expected to spend some class time preparing your written coursework. Individual tutorials will be held during these times to offer feedback and agree new learning targets. GCSE English courses include oral coursework evidence of speaking and listening. This simply means that the topics covered will be discussed in both informal and more formal classroom situations, pair or small group situations with other students and your subject tutor. You will be given opportunities to convey information, analyse existing text and express your point of view.

The course encourages active reading. This enables you to be aware of the ways in which writers try to inform, entertain or persuade you. Besides the work in class you should plan to do at least another hour or two of personal study.

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