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Example: An example from the text whether a quotation, observation or a piece of acute analysis. Explanation: What the quotation or observation can tell us. An explanation of how the evidence you have used explains your point.

How do I write an English Literature essay effectively?

Returning once more to the textile metaphor, this is the part of the essay in which you take the threads of the argument you have mentioned in your introduction and flesh them out to make part of the picture. Conclusion: At A level you are not required to write a long conclusion, really it only needs a couple of lines.

However, summarizing and qualifying your argument is essential for a good essay. The metaphor of the textile has always helped me to structure my essays, but there may be other metaphors that help you to think through the structure.

How to Write Literary Analysis

You might imagine an essay as a piece of detective work in which we have to find evidence in the text to explain a particular idea, or you may imagine it as a puzzle. Whatever your approach, the more you practice writing good essay plans the better your structure will be!

1. Make your research personal, creative and imaginative

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How to Write the Perfect Essay – CIE Literature

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How do I structure an English literature essay at A-Level? Answered by Imogen B. Need help with English Literature? Find a tutor. The study of English literature covers a huge number of prose and poetic texts to work with, for somebody it may look like a disaster, but for true book-lovers it is a great chance to get deeper into the art of word, to find out interesting information about the thing they love most.

How to write an introduction to an essay

Getting a degree in this English literature is a long process that requires perseverance, patience and flexibility in work from students, as they will deal with works of various authors that are distinguished by genre, time and manner of writing. It is believed that the study of literature, including English one, is not as complicated as the study of Chemistry or Law , but how we compare things that are not comparable.

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These disciplines explore and describe realities of our world from multiple perspectives. The aim of English literature course is not just read books, but also to analyze them, to create new theories and criticize old ones, take a critical look at the style of writing and symbols, and the last but the most important thing — to think creatively. Focusing on English literature students are allowed to explore it as a system in different historical periods of development. Texts are not considered separately, but in cultural, social, historical and political contexts, so students become advanced readers.

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